Design the future

Object: private house / Kyiv

Installed equipment:

  • Geothermal heat pump 17 kW, with a system of soil probes Frank. The heat pump provides heating, passive cooling and hot water supply to the facility
  • Surface heating system using тpipelines Frаnkische: warm / cold floors and walls
  • Accumulative tanksWaterkotte
  • Capacitive water heater TWL.
  • ВVentilation system with heat recovery Рichler
  • Flexible polymer system пair ducts Fränkische with antistatic and antibacterial inner coating. Air ducts are laid in the construction of the concrete floor of the house.
  • Self-washing filter Grünbeck and a ring checkpoint water supply system
  • Pump groups Meibes
  • ЕEnergy efficient circulating pumps Wilo