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If you want high-quality and reliable heating and water supply systems, you can rely entirely on FRÄNKISCHE piping solutions. The individual components of the FRÄNKISCHE piping system are perfectly matched to the smallest detail and guarantee the highest level of safety.

Pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene FF - Therm

FF-THERM MULTI DIFUSTOP pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa / RAM has a high degree of reliability. The modern method of crosslinking, which takes place in a salt bath by the method of RAM (Pont a'Mousson), provides PE-Xa pipes with a high degree of cross-linking (over 70%). Due to the application of special layers of EVOH polymers, the oxygen diffusion coefficient is significantly below the maximum allowable value. Special anti-aging stabilizers allow the pipe to remain elastic for a long time and provide it with high temperature resistance. Cross-linked polyethylene PEX is a special material that is produced by the method of crosslinking the molecular bonds of polyethylene, due to which the output is a homogeneous, elastic and durable material from which the highest quality polyethylene pipes are made. Today there are several types of crosslinking of polyethylene and PEX (Engel's crosslinking method) is deservedly the best of them, as only in this way the pipe produced gets the effect of molecular memory and amazing flexibility.

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FF-THERM MULTI DIFUSTOP pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa / RAM is the main unit of any underfloor heating system, both residential and office premises, shops and hotels. Reliability in operation throughout the service life is confirmed by numerous international certificates.

Alpex-duo® metal-plastic pipes

The high-quality metal-plastic pipe of the alpex-duo® system is designed for heating and drinking water supply systems. Made of cross-linked polyethylene PEX on the inside and outside and an aluminum inner layer welded "butt" with a tungsten electrode in an inert gas. These three layers are interconnected by a special adhesive into a single combined structure that meets the necessary technical requirements and has excellent consumer properties.
Alpex-duo® pipes of all diameters are bent with a special tool, which reduces the number of fittings and reduces costs. In addition, pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm are bent by hand.


  • No noise
  • low coefficient of friction
  • compliance with the most stringent toxicological and hygienic requirements
  • no scale on the walls
  • corrosion resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • light weight
  • Minimum linear extension
  • Service life up to 50 years
  • Using

    General: engineering systems of buildings, installation indoors in open and hidden ways, as pipelines for risers and floor distribution. Installation in a hidden way (under plaster) is allowed.
    Water supply: alpex-duo® pipe can be used as pipelines for hot and cold water supply systems of all possible classes; operating temperature (short-term max. 95 ̊С); working pressure poppy. 10 bar at long working temperature of 70 ̊С
    Heating: The alpex-duo® pipe can be used as individual heating system piping within the above parameters. Working environments: water and antifreezes like Antifrogen N / L, Tyfocor N / L; possibility to use other liquids on request.

    Certificate : alpex-duo® pipe has DVGW DW 8501 AT 2396 approval certificate

    Системи трупопроводів Fränkische

    Alpex F50 PROFI fittings

    Have a special design. Advanced fittings today have the largest inner diameter among all comparable radial press fittings for multilayer plastic pipes. Due to its compatibility with large diameter pipes, the alpex F50 PROFI complex system meets all consumption requirements and current technical regulations.


    A distinctive feature of alpex F50 Profi fittings is their even greater versatility. The new alpex F50 Profi fittings can be crimped not only with F and TH press pliers, but also with U, H and VP profiles. Advantages of the optimized design of fittings: the through section is 30% bigger than standard; optimal wall thickness and largest inner diameter; universality of press ticks; leak detection function for quick removal of uncompressed fittings.

    Системи трупопроводів Fränkische


    Innovative fitting from FRÄNKISCHE with diameters of 16, 20 and 26 mm, impresses with a well-thought-out design and has significant advantages. Absolute reliability due to the use of high quality materials and the presence of a visual signal ring. Quick installation thanks to innovative connection technology, convenient shape and, in addition, unlimited compatibility with the proven alpex F50 PROFI system. In addition to the DVGW (German Gas and Water Union) certificate, which is another proof of the high quality of push-fittings, the entire range of alpex-plus products has a 10-year warranty.

    Key benefits:

  • Innovative, convenient PPSU push-fitting with stainless steel sleeve
  • Fast installation, thanks to innovative connection technology
  • Compact use in confined spaces and easy insulation
  • Controlled reliability, thanks to high-quality materials and a visual signal ring
  • Compatible and thus systemically applicable with all FRÄNKISCHE multilayer polymer pipes
  • Compatible with ff-therm multi polymer pipes
  • Disassembled without damage with a special tool / for diameters 16 and 20
  • Системи трупопроводів Fränkische