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Flamco-Meibes mounting systems

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 Flamco-Meibes mounting systems

Flamco-Meibes offers the full range of hydraulic distributors, pump sets and shut-off valves required for the hydraulic connection of both small heat generators and powerful boilers and heating stations.

Modular systems up to 85 kW

Set of ready-made Meibes hydraulic modules for fast, compact and aesthetic installation of a boiler room based on one or more boilers of different types


  • Unique, very small hydraulic boom with air separator and sludge trap
  • Comes immediately ready to connect to the collector
  • Wide range of collectors, which allows you to create a hydraulic distributor from 2 to 7 heating circuits
  • Mounting groups on the collector is possible both above and below the manifold
  • The factory manifold line includes standard manifolds, bypass manifolds and stainless steel
  • Large range of pump groups: direct, with mixing, thermostatic, with heat exchanger, under heat meters, etc.
  • Accessories that facilitate installation and expand the capabilities of the heating system
  • Effective thermal insulation of modules
  • Extensive usability, thanks to different functionalities
  • Монтажні системи Flamco-Meibes

    Modular systems up to 2800 kW

    Set of ready-made Meibes hydraulic modules for fast, compact and aesthetic installation of boilers and individual heating points with a capacity of up to 2.8 MW


  • Simplified design
  • Quick installation
  • Eliminate bugs at all stages of hardware
  • Victaulic connection - simplifies and speeds up the installation of modular system elements
  • 2 and 3 loop splitters
  • Angular collector connection
  • Modular pump groups Du25 - Du65, a wide choice of pumps
  • Capacity up to 100 cubic meters, thermal capacity up to 2.8 MW
  • Optional - a combined device with the function of gas separation, sludge removal and hydraulic arrow
  • Монтажні системи Flamco-Meibes

    Hydraulic separators DN 25-200

    Separation of heat source and heat consumption circuits


  • Intense corrosion protection of the system
  • Remove sludge from the system. Magnetic traps for metal impurities (optional)
  • Exclusion of mutual hydraulic influence of pumps
  • Increase the efficiency of the boiler
  • Extending the life of the heating system
  • Remove air from the installation
  • Монтажні системи Flamco-Meibes