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Pellet boilers HERZ pelletstar T-Control, with a capacity of 10 - 60 kW - is an ideal, environmentally friendly and fully automatic heating system. Pelletstar T-Control boilers are characterized primarily by their small size, and therefore, especially small requirements for the installation site, economical operation and high efficiency. Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber ensures comfortable and convenient operation.

Description of the design

Structurally, the boiler body is a monoblock in the middle of which there is a burner with fuel supply and ash removal systems, and a three-pipe heat exchanger with ash removal and flue gas removal systems. In the burner, combustion takes place on the so-called lowering grille, fuel is fed to the grille from above, primary air is supplied from below through the openings of the grille, secondary air is supplied through the holes in the side walls of the burner. The ignition process is automated, takes place with the help of an electric heater with a blower, the temperature in the burner is controlled and regulated by T-Control automation. The ash is removed from the boiler automatically in separate ashtrays. The ash is removed from the burner by means of a lowering lowering grid and finds holes in the matrix by shaking the ash from the surface into the ash pan located under the burner. Ash removal from the heat exchanger also occurs automatically during boiler operation, which allows to maintain a stable boiler efficiency over the entire power modulation range from 30% to 100%. Operating cycles and operating times of cleaning systems can be changed. When designing a heating system with a Pelletstar boiler, HERZ Energietechnik recommends the use of a buffer tank (battery tank).

The basic complete set of a copper includes the T-Control control panel which provides:

  • weather-dependent control for 1 (one) mixing circuit
  • Drive tank management
  • DHW boiler heating control
  • 60 ° C return line temperature maintenance
  • automatic ignition
  • Lambda control
  • automatic cleaning of burner and heat exchanger, removal of ash into separate ashtrays
  • Quickly diagnose errors (there is an error log)