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Pelletstar Condensation

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Pelletstar Condensation

Extremely compact condensing boiler HERZ Pelletstar Condensation, with a capacity of 3 to 60 kW is an ideal solution for both new buildings and for modernization. Condensing technology for burning wood pellets and high-quality components guarantee high efficiency of heating systems and reduction of harmful emissions.

Description of the structure

The burner grille is cleaned automatically, which ensures optimal air flow into the combustion zone. The ash from the combustion chamber is transported to the hopper at the bottom of the boiler. Water vapor contained in the exhaust gases is cooled to form liquid condensate. Condensation releases heat that can be used for heating, allowing efficiencies of up to 106%. The heat exchanger made of high-temperature resistant stainless steel guarantees the longest service life. The surfaces of the stainless steel heat exchanger are automatically cleaned using a flushing mechanism (water) and integrated turbulizers. Constantly high efficiency of the heat exchanger, due to regular cleaning, provides low fuel consumption. The built-in lambda sensor, which constantly monitors the flue gas values, always achieves ideal combustion parameters and the lowest emission values. The lambda sensor monitors the air supply and thus achieves the cleanest combustion even when working at partial load.

The basic complete set of a copper includes the T-Control control panel which provides:

  • weather-dependent control for 1 (one) mixing circuit
  • Drive tank management
  • DHW boiler heating control
  • 60 ° C return line temperature maintenance
  • automatic ignition
  • Lambda control
  • automatic cleaning of burner and heat exchanger, removal of ash into separate ashtrays
  • Quickly diagnose errors (there is an error log)