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Example of reconstruction of a historic building: Lviv City Hall / session hall

Participation in the reconstruction of the session hall of the Lviv City Council has become a real challenge and unsurpassed experience for us. Most of the conditions and requirements at this facility were completely new to us. And the special status of the historic building and, as a consequence, significant restrictions on the laying of communications, also did not simplify the task.
As a result, we received permission to use almost only one surface for networks - the floor, which had no historical value.
In the photo you can see the condition of the session hall before the reconstruction: worn parquet, cast iron radiators, leaky windows, lack of ventilation, shabby walls and columns, old furniture.

The hall made a depressing impression. Recently, no meetings were held in it, as the engineering equipment of the building did not provide conditions for a comfortable stay of a large number of people for a long time in this room.Thanks to the MYKHALIKHA Architectural bureau, the session hall got a new, bright and fresh look. And in the photo below you can see what transformations were waiting for this object.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

We had to fill this space with efficient engineering systems that would provide an optimal microclimate, high comfort and low operating costs.
Therefore, we will start to acquaint you with the technical solutions that were used for the reconstruction of this object.

Heating station

From the very beginning, it was decided to make these premises completely autonomous from the existing heating network. And also it was necessary to minimize the amount of equipment, because the space for its location is not so much.
Therefore, logically, the choice was made in favor of heat pump technology, namely - used heat pump water / water EcoTouch Air Kaskade company Waterkotte, capacity 27 kW (at A2 / W35). This made it possible to obtain a source of heat and cold in one device. In the winter the heat pump provides effective heating of the room, and in the summer, thanks to reverse work, we work in the cooling mode. The project received a fairly simple configuration, in addition to the indoor unit of the heat pump, there is a storage tank, a pump group with a high-efficiency circulating pump of the new generation Wilo Stratos Maxo and an emergency electric heater with a capacity of 12 kW.
The heating station itself, located at the entrance to the session hall next to the wardrobe, has become an element of the interior and will serve as a clear example of the introduction of energy-efficient technologies. We hope that every time passing by it, deputies of the City Council will mention the importance of the transition to environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

Heating / cooling system

The next important task was to develop an efficient heating and cooling system.
And here the choice was clearly made in favor of the system «warm floor». This option allowed us to create a single low-temperature surface heating and cooling system that will work effectively with the heat pump. And also we perfectly fit into restrictions on laying of communications. To make the system work most efficiently, a special textile coating adapted for underfloor heating with low thermal resistance was selected.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

During the installation of underfloor heating, there were also certain features - it was necessary to lay the pipe, taking into account the mounting brackets of furniture and cable connections. To ensure a clear and efficient operation of the surface heating / cooling system, automation based on Smart One thermostats from Eurotherm is used, which provides temperature and humidity control throughout the year, preventing the formation of dew points on the cooling surface. Extensive programming capabilities and remote access via the Internet make operation as efficient and easy to use.


And of course, it is not possible to achieve the appropriate level of comfort and economy without the use of an efficient ventilation system with heat recovery.
The basis of the ventilation system was a vent installation LG 2500 company Pichler. Since there is no space for the installation inside, the option of external weather-resistant design of the vent machine was chosen. The ventilation unit is equipped with a highly efficient cross-flow aluminum recuperator. Modern fans with EU technology provide the necessary performance and low noise. Integrated mufflers on all sides of the installation make the operation of the vent machine almost silent. The machine is equipped with filters that remove dust, pollen and other contaminants.
All supporting structures and fasteners are based on Walraven mounting elements.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

Сlimate panels Comfort Breeze Waterkotte are used to distribute the air in the room. The multifunctional panel combines underfloor heating and ventilation, increasing energy efficiency. Ventilation air is supplied to the room through the floor panel, which is heated or cooled, without additional energy consumption, and at the same time, the temperature differences of the air are leveled. The Comfort Breeze climate system is made of polystyrene and meets the highest hygienic requirements. Also, this solution improves the quality of indoor air, as polluted air is pushed up due to supply from the floor.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратушіреконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

During the project development, attention was also paid to other measures that could reduce the load on heating and cooling.First of all, we are talking about window constructions, which cannot be replaced, as they are a historical part of the building. They were restored and sealed as much as possible. To ensure the tightness of the windows, a leak test was performed using an air door system (Blower Door Test).

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші

An important task was also to reduce heat through the windows. To install external sun protection, electric blinds were used, which were integrated into the interframe space of the windows.
Due to the installed weather station, the position of the slats changes depending on the location of the sun and the intensity of radiation. This will significantly reduce energy consumption for cooling the premises.
At the moment, the final stage of the reconstruction is taking place in the session hall of the Lviv City Council - furniture is being assembled, audio and voting systems are being installed. The newly elected deputies will hold their first sitting in the renovated hall.

реконструкція сесійної зали львівської ратуші