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Orbit wing

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Orbit wing
  • Ducted humidifier Orbit Wing
  • MICRO DROP spray technology
  • Extremely low power consumption

The ORBIT WING system integrates seamlessly into any ventilation or air conditioning system. With the help of MICRO DROP HIGH PERFORMANCE nozzles the air is humidified directly in the ventilation duct. The patented ORBIT WING slats integrated into the system provide a given vortex motion inside the channel, move in a circle and travel a greater distance at a limited length. This provides an extremely short spray distance.
To obtain 1 kg of moisture, respectively, consumes only 2.5 - 3 watts of energy. The efficiency is approximately 98%. The system works almost without condensation.
Automatic control system based on PLC. Adjustment in zones occurs independently, from 15% to 100% of the maximum productivity of the humidifier. Freely programmable. Color touch screen with OPC interface.

Модуль розпилення Orbit wing


  • Low power consumption 2.5 W / kg
  • Minimal pressure loss due to optimized separator (100 Pa at 2m/s)
  • Patented combination of degree and pressure control
  • Modular design for easy installation
  • Can be installed in any duct ventilation system
  • High degree of operational safety
  • Fine water filtration, thermal protection and drywall protection
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Short spray range (-50%)
  • Great alternative to steam humidification, which reduces energy consumption by 90%
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