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Rolling gates and rolling grilles

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Rolling gates and rolling grilles

Ideal for outlets, warehouses, office buildings, private homes

Sophisticated system

At Hörmann, the gate, drive and control system are a perfectly harmonious system that ensures high efficiency, reliable operation and safety

Certificate-certified security

Hörmann rolling shutters and grilles are manufactured in accordance with the high requirements of European standards and have quality certificates.

Collision test

The gate is undamaged! In the event of a slight collision, for example when maneuvering the vehicle, the rolling shutter blade returns to its original position in most cases. During this test, the forklift enters the center of the gate with a width of 4800 mm to the limit of their elasticity.

Unique mounting technology

Fast and safe installation is carried out by a small group of installers. You will no longer need a craneor forklift truck. Assembly and mounting device works completely independently of the mains
Hörmann patent!