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DS 5029 Ai

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DS 5029 Ai
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Color touch screen
  • Power range 5-29 kW

High performance with minimal noise
The EcoTouch 5029 Ai for use in homes with higher heating needs with a power range of 5 to 29 kW. For COP values ​​up to 5.1, the compact heat pump is extremely quiet.
Equipment High End class
The EcoTouch 5029 Ai impresses not only with its efficiency but also with its modern design. Innovative EasyCon software provides intuitive and convenient system management.
Compact heating system
By connecting the EcoStock capacitive water heater, the EcoTouch 5029 Ai becomes a complete heat supply system. A small installation area of ​​less than 0.38 m².
Cooling as needed
The EcoTouch 5029 Ai is available in NC versions for natural cooling and RC for active cooling. Based on your cooling needs, you can choose the right model.


  • 4.3 '' color touch display
  • Integrated web interface for remote control
  • EasyCon Intuitive Software
  • COP counter and indication of all operational parameters
  • Ability to connect a water heater
  • Automatic Legionella Protection Systems
  • Ozone layer safe chlorine free R410A
  • Energy efficient circulation pumps, energy efficiency class A
  • 6 kW integrated heating element
  • Isolated Thermobox installation with a special vibration damper
  • Built-in Silenter® vibration compensator
  • Device dimensions: (W x H x D) 600 x 1470 x 633 mm
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