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EcoTouch Ai1 Geo

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 EcoTouch Ai1 Geo
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Integrated 204l capacity water heater
  • Power range 6-18 kW

Equipment High End class
Ai1 Heat Pump is a high-quality equipment with the best performance, state-of-the-art control technology.
Easy operation
Touchscreen with intuitive EasyCon software is a true innovation that makes operation extremely easy. ЗIntegrated WebInterface allows remote control of the heat pump.
Powerful, efficient and quiet
With COR values ​​up to 5.1, the EcoTouch Ai1 is one of the most economical heat pumps in the world. The Silenter® innovative silencer almost completely absorbs noise from the compressor.


  • 4.3 '' color touch display
  • Integrated web interface for remote control
  • EasyCon Intuitive Software
  • COP counter and indication of all operational parameters
  • 204 liter stainless steel water heater.
  • Passive NC versions with active RC cooling
  • Automatic Legionella Protection Systems
  • Ozone layer safe chlorine free R410A
  • Energy efficient circulation pumps, energy efficiency class A
  • 6 kW integrated heating element
  • Isolated Thermobox installation with a special vibration damper
  • Built-in vibration compensator Silenter®
  • Device dimensions: (W x H x D) 600 x 1993 x 633 mm
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