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SystaComfort II

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SystaComfort II
  • Management of the entire heat supply system and ensuring optimal interaction of its individual components.

Paradigma controllers take over all control of the entire heating system and ensure optimal interaction of its individual components. Paradigma control systems for heating and solar systems are simple and easy to use, safe and energy efficient. We offer two models of controllers: Systa Comfort II and Systa Smart C.

SystaComfort II controller

In the basic version, the SystaComfort II controller controls the pellet or gas boiler and controls one or two mixing circuits of the heating system, depending on the temperature outside or indoors. The presence of three freely programmable weekly programs of the heating system and the program of hot water supply will allow to optimally adjust the system to the needs of the user. SystaComfort II has the ability to App S-Touch over a local home network.

Systa Smart C controller

SystaSmartC is our most advanced Paradigma system controller. Optimized for solar heating systems. It can be adapted to your needs with additional extensions.

SystaSmartC is compatible with a smart home system, such as LOXONE.
Thanks to the mobile application you have remote access to all functions of the controller. Secure connection to SystaSmartC server using AES 256 encryption.
The system is displayed in the application in real time, and you always have access to all the current performance data of your solar installation or the capacity of the pellet boiler.
You can compare annual and weekly balances of solar heat production and energy consumption

Quick start / comfort function for hot water and circulation outside time programs.
To solve more tasks, the SystaComfort II heating controller needs to be equipped with additional extensions, each of which can be used only once. The additional extension is connected to the main controller via the BUS bus and is recognized automatically.

SystaComfort Heat (third mixing circuit) / only for Systa Comfort II

SystaComfort Heat extension This type of extension makes it possible to control the third heating circuit on a weather-dependent basis. Supplied in a separate housing with the required number of temperature sensors. Outdoor temperature data is obtained from the main controller.

SystaComfort Pool

The implementation of the management of a separate pool circuit is carried out with the help of an additional extension SystaComfort Pool. Adjustments are made through the control panel of the basics of the heating system controller. The presence of this extension allows you to automatically use the pool to accumulate excess thermal energy from the solar system.

SystaComfort KAS (cascade of boilers) / only for Systa Comfort II

The SystaComfort KAS extension makes it possible to control one two-stage boiler or two single-stage boilers. The power of the boiler cascade is calculated automatically depending on the difference between the design temperature and the actual temperature of the supply boiler circuit. Only if two identical types of boilers are installed (two pellet or two gas boilers) it is possible to specify which boiler will be switched on first and after what time the role of the first boiler will change to the second. If different types of boilers are installed, it is possible to assign the role of the main or auxiliary boiler for each heat generator. In this case, the automation turns on the main boiler and in case of insufficient power, the auxiliary boiler is turned on.

SystaComfort Wood (wood burning fireplace or boiler)

SystaComfort Wood is an extension that allows you to integrate a wood-burning fireplace or a boiler with a water circuit into a common heating system. Automation switches the pump on or off depending on the temperature of the heat carrier in the heat exchanger of the fireplace or wood boiler. It is also possible to use the function of locking the main boiler when operating a wood boiler or fireplace.