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Paradigma solar collectors

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Paradigma solar collectors

Paradigma solar collectors provide optimum performance all year round, even in low sunlight. You need a much smaller roof area per 1 kW/h of heat produced compared to other solar collectors. Thanks to the unique technology of using water as a heat carrier (AquaSolar system), Paradigma collectors can be connected to existing heating systems without replacing the buffer tank. High-efficiency vacuum collectors provide a coolant supply of more than 60 ° C and operate as an additional boiler. Paradigma offers two models of manifolds: the standard STAR-E and the innovative AQUA Plasma.

AQUA PLASMA vacuum collector is a continuous improvement of developments in the field of solar energy of the most successful concept - solar Aqua Systems. Plasma spraying technology was used for the first time to increase the productivity of the AQUA PLASMA collector. During the spraying process, plasma is formed from small molten silicate particles, which is transferred to the surface of vacuum tubes and a parabolic mirror concentrator, optimizing the process of converting solar radiation into thermal energy.
Anti-reflective coating of vacuum tubes reduces the reflectivity and ensures optimal passage of sunlight through the glass surface. A completely new coating was developed and patented in collaboration with scientists from Dr. Laure Plasma Technologie GmbH.

Due to nanotechnology, it was possible to achieve a high-temperature mode of operation of the collector, which made it possible to significantly expand the scope of thermal solar collectors. The use of new technologies ensures the use of solar installations in production processes with new operating temperatures from 60 to 160 ° C, even under adverse conditions, with a power of solar radiation of 400W/ sq.m At a constant operating temperature of 75 ° C, the new Aqua Plasma collector requires 16% less space compared to STAR-E vacuum collectors. At a temperature of 100 ° C - the economic effect reaches 20%

Structure of Paradigma vacuum collectors

Mirror hub - the highest efficiency
The design of the Paradigma solar collector provides highly efficient operation even with scattered and minimal solar radiation. The High Reflective Parabolic Concentrator focuses the maximum amount of sunlight on the surface of the absorber tube. Ceramic coating protects the reflector from the weather and provides a long service life, without loss of reflective ability. 25 years - a guarantee of productive operation of the collector

Vacuum is the best thermal insulator
Thanks to the use of vacuum tubes, the efficient operation of the solar collector is ensured even at extremely low outdoor temperatures and the high temperature can be maintained for a long time. Glass tubes are made of borosilicate glass 1.6 mm thick. The working pressure of the vacuum between the inner and outer tubes is 0.00001 mbar. The absorbent layer consists of aluminum nitride and is applied to the entire area of ​​the inner tube. 10 years - warranty in case of hail damage

Water is an ideal heat carrier for solar collectors
The advantage of water as a coolant is the lack of consequences for installation during its boiling. Under the influence of high temperature, water changes from a liquid state to a vapor state and after condensation continues to operate without losing its properties. The use of water as a heat carrier is due to a number of advantages, the main of which are high specific heat, ease of transportation in pipelines due to the lower viscosity of the liquid, which in turn does not require the use of powerful pumps. The use of water in heat transfer provides high heat transfer coefficients, uniform heating of the heat transfer surface, water is the cheapest and best coolant - an intermediary in energy transfer. The use of water makes it possible to use solar systems with existing capacitive water heaters and to modernize the installed systems using existing equipment.

If the Paradigma installation boils in the summer, the water turns into steam, with a temperature above 100 ° C. When the water later cools, it condenses again. On the other hand, glycol undergoes chemical changes during boiling, which requires regular fluid change. For this reason, a flat collector with glycol must be equipped with a large storage tank to prevent stagnation. Necessaryseparation of the system when using glycol is carried out by means of intermediate heat exchangers and causes temperature losses from 5 to 10 Kelvin. Therefore, Paradigma uses water as a heat carrier, with the patented AquaSolar system since 2004.

Antifreeze system
Water-glycol mixture is used in traditional solar installations. This ensures that they do not freeze or damage during the cold season. The AquaSolar system, on the other hand, is different: by using low-temperature heat from the lower «cold» part of the buffer tank, the solar system protects itself from freezing. Energy consumption by the antifreeze system is only 1-3% of annual productivity and is more than offset by the benefits of water (the productivity of solar collectors that use water as a coolant is at least 15% higher than solutions using glycol mixtures).
20 years - warranty on the antifreeze system