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TTM insulation

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 TTM insulation

TTM offers the most suitable solutions to meet the needs of end users, providing customers with individual solutions for non-standard projects.

Thermo Tecno Management's range includes the following categories:

  • Internal covering (fire-resistant knees, tapes from PVC and aluminum).
  • External covering (knees, tapes, films from aluminum and a polyester film with protection against ultraviolet).
  • Sound absorbers (sound-insulating mats for insulation of boxes, compressors, pipes and industrial casings).
  • PVC adhesive tapes for cladding systems.
  • Accessories (end caps, vinyl tapes, metal lrit, PVC glue, metal and PVC nails, cutting unit).

Thermo Tecno Management is ISO 9001 certified for the quality management system and ISO 14001.
TTM provides customers with individually designed solutions to solve their problems and issues related to the technical insulation of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems.