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Ultrasonic humidification

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Ultrasonic humidification
  • 100 percent hydration in seconds
  • Low power consumption at maximum power
  • No condensation

With ultrasonic humidifiers you will always get high hygiene of the humidification process. Water, after reverse osmosis, is sprayed as an aerosol with water particles not exceeding 1 μm, using ultrasonic vibrations of 1.7 MHz. Ultrasound technology consumes an average of only 50 W / h per kg of water.
The CONTRA-KEIM® disinfection program and the AQUADRAIN® hygiene management system set new hygienic standards for hydration. Merlin pre-determines the ideal humidity parameters for each application based on the measurement results, and then uses the most suitable ultrasonic humidification system to create ideal climatic conditions.


  • Corrosion-resistant V2A steel
  • Dry and overflow protection, thermal protection
  • Ceramic piezoelectric elements
  • Surge protection
  • AquaDrain® sanitary protection system
  • Contra-Keim® (FINESSE) disinfection program
    Duct humidifier
    Easily integrated into almost any ventilation or air conditioning system.
    Humidification productivity up to 25.2 kg/h.

    Universal humidifier
    Universal use, easy installation and compact design
    Humidification productivity up to 12.0 kg/h

    Direct humidification of the room
    Neat and highly effective humidification in small rooms.
    Humidification productivity up to 8.0 kg/h

    Humidifier for foodstuffs
    Significantly prolongs the freshness and shelf life of food.
    Humidification productivity up to 3.0 kg/h