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Pichler industrial systems

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 Pichler industrial systems
  • High performance recovery ventilation systems
  • Serial capacity up to 6000 m3/h
  • Settings for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Wide range of accessories
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    Pichler manufactures central ventilation systems with an air flow of up to 6,000 m³ / h for apartment buildings, office and public buildings, schools and sports facilities.
    Industrial series fans are equipped with high-efficiency countercurrent aluminum heat exchangers that provide a high level of recovery of up to 85%. Energy-saving DC radial fans (the latest EC motors) with constant volume control technology allow the vent to adapt precisely to the current performance needs and save money.
    Ventilation systems are equipped with Pichler Air2 control systems as standard, providing complete control over the operation of the ventilation system.
    Pichler ventilation systems, with a capacity of 750 to 6000 m3, are available in three different versions:

  • internal installation
  • Weatherproof version for outdoor installation
  • Weatherproof version for outdoor installation with vertical connection (roof version)
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