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Before Schörghuber can create the perfect door for your needs, you must answer: where will Schörghuber doors be used, what functions should they perform and what are your design requirements? Because Schörghuber products are always tailored to your individual needs and fully meet your wishes. It is you who determine their design, features and functionality. Schörghuber offers a wide range of doors with all functional features: protection against fire, smoke, sound, explosion or radiation, for wet and damp rooms or barrier-free access - you will always find the right solution. Different functions can be combined in one door element. Each room has different requirements for the door: from safety to protection from moisture or hygiene. In the Schörghuber portfolio you will find the right solution for every type of building and any room, otherwise the company will design individual doors just for you.

Fire doors

With regard to interior doors, exterior doors, school doors, kindergarten doors, living room doors or security doors, fire protection is one of the most important functions that should be provided at the planning stage. In the event of a fire, self-closing fire doors can save lives and reduce damage to the building. They block individual compartments and thus prevent the spread of fire. To reliably provide this function, the door leaf, frame, hinges, lock, handle are perfectly matched and tested as a single product.

Schörghuber wooden doors with fire protection are precisely adapted to your requirements: 30 minutes fire resistance (T30 door), 60 minute fire protection (T60 door), 90-minute fire resistance (T90 door) or 120-minute fire resistance (T120 door) ). Schörghuber fire doors can also be combined with almost all other functions, and a wide range of certificates covers almost all installation options.

Soundproof doors

Soundproof doors make a significant contribution to people's health and well-being - in public buildings, office and administrative buildings, clinics, schools, as well as in their own homes. For example, they protect against high noise levels in office premises and thus provide a pleasant and quiet working atmosphere. Soundproof doors perform two important functions: on the one hand, they protect from outside noise, on the other hand, they keep noise in the room. Soundproof doors are important, for example, for rooms where privacy must be maintained.

Building noise regulations apply to many types of buildings - such as apartment buildings, hotels, schools or hospitals. These requirements regulate the values ​​of sound insulation that must be observed. You decide only on the level of sound insulation in private homes. Soundproof doors from Schörghuber are available with noise protection values ​​Rw, P = 32 dB, Rw, P = 37 dB,Rw, P = 42 dB, Rw, P = 45 dB and even Rw, P = 50 dB, tested in accordance with DIN 4109. The sound insulation report always refers to a common element consisting of a door leaf, frame and fittings.

Protective doors

Public buildings such as museums, banks, archives, office and business units, and private homes have valuable items that need to be protected from theft. Even inexperienced robbers open ordinary doors with simple objects in a very short time. This does not require a special tool. On the other hand, Schörghuber security doors are designed in such a way that they can withstand breakage for as long as possible.

Thanks to a special production process, Schörghuber doors are generally more durable and long-lasting than conventional functional doors. Reliable door leaf construction, special security fittings and high-quality locking system guarantee reliable protection. All Schörghuber solid doors also correspond to the highest voltage group 4 (extreme). There are different design options for surfaces, frames and accessories for security doors.

Doors that protect against raids

Areas exposed to hazardous radiation must be equipped with a special door and frame. This applies, for example, to premises in hospitals, clinics or research facilities. Proven radiation protection doorsfrom persistent harmful X-rays, gamma or electric radiation. This protection is achieved through integration into the door and frame of the lead attachments. They prevent the penetration of harmful radiation. Reliable protection is provided only by a fully tested element, which includes a steel frame and fittings.

Schörghuber offers a wide range of doors with radiation protection of various designs and with various equipment. As for the design, the company is also fully focused on your wishes - and, of course, will consult in detail about possible solutions. The presence of windows in the door from radiation protection makes it possible, for example, to observe what is happening in the room. It is also possible to make sliding radiation doors.

Waterproof doors

Swimming pools, health facilities, laboratories, dining rooms, kitchens, operating rooms, as well as wellness areas in hotels or public toilets and toilets - almost all public buildings have areas of use in which the interior must be designed to withstand very high humidity. That is why Schörghuber has developed the Waterproof Plus door for this purpose. They consist of 100% moisture-resistant material and do not contain wood and wood materials. These doors easily withstand high and prolonged exposure to water, drops and cleaners.

Schörghuber reliably tests doors made of 100% moisture-insensitive material in accordance with DIN EN 16580. This ensures that waterproof Plus doors, even if exposed to water for a long time, are not damaged. They haveresist both high and long-term exposure to water and aggressive floor and tile cleaners. The liner, top layer and edge of the door are made of wood and wood-based materials that are insensitive to moisture. Thanks to the combination of durable, antibacterial HPL laminate, strong and easy care of the PU edge and anti-corrosion fittings, Schörghuber doors withstand wet conditions perfectly.

Doors for clean rooms

Rooms in medicine, health care and research must comply with the strictest hygiene rules. Industries such as microelectronics, optics, optoelectronics, microsystems technology, micromechanics, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering and food technology place the highest demands on reliability and purity. For these sensitive areas, Schörghuber has developed future-oriented solutions for clean rooms.

Suitability for use in clean rooms is an additional feature of the door. Such rooms can be equipped with doors with 1 and 2 leaves, sash thickness 42 mm, 50 mm or 70 mm. Door elements are designed to retain organic matter outside protected areas. They also prevent the spread of microorganisms from contaminated areas. It is also possible to combine many other functions in doors for clean rooms: for example, T30 fire protection, smoke protection or sound insulation. Depending on the requirements, clean room doors can be combined with steel frames, stainless steel frames or folding frames.

Doors for barrier-free access

Barrier-free doors are not only a requirement for public buildings, but are also used in healthcare facilities and receptions. They allow everyone, regardless of their physical condition, to have easy access to the room or building - without assistance. Unobstructed doors provide ways to evacuate and rescue people with disabilities in case of danger. Schörghuber has certified door solutions for barrier-free access in its program. In accordance with DIN 18040, they have been successfully tested for accessibility, opening force and other functional features.

Schörghuber was one of the first manufacturers to offer solutions for doors that have been tested and certified for availability. Unlike other suppliers, the company has tested and certified a complete element with a door leaf, frame, handle, lock, hinges, door closer and floor seal. The performance of the door has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 12217. They provide information on how much force is required to open the door. Test result: All door elements tested by Schörghuber have reached the class 3 required by this standard and are therefore considered barrier-free according to DIN 18040.

Bulletproof doors

Doors with bulletproof properties play an important role not only in the military industry. Police departments, ministries, authorities, airports, banks, embassies or even private homes with high security requirements require doors with special protective functions. This is exactly what Schörghuber offers: bulletproof doors can stop bullets and save lives. Large caliber pistols are used to test the protective effect. According to DIN EN 1522, this corresponds to the maximum protection class FB4.

High-quality construction combined with reliable safety - this is what Schörghuber bulletproof doors are used for. In the wide range of the company you will find special elements such as 3N-M3 with ball resistance FB4 S according to DIN EN 1522-1. Fire and soundproof security doors as well as anti-burglary RC 2 and RC 3 are also available on request. In combination with the heavy steel frame, they form an ideal product. All components are perfectly matched. This is the only way to comply with current safety standards and meet the safety requirements of Schörghuber.