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Non-freezing fittings for water supply

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 Non-freezing fittings for water supply

Fittings for outdoor installation may contain more than 150 ml of water. If this water stays in the tap for days or weeks, contamination is inevitable. With KEMPER FROSTI® external frost-resistant fittings, residual water, which can lead to contamination, drains from the tap. Thus throughout the year the corresponding hygiene of drinking water is provided! The automatic drain function also reliably protects the FROSTI® fittings from freezing and damage!
In addition to standard non-freezing taps, Kemper offers special Tresor series cabinets made of stainless steel for outdoor installation, with integrated non-freezing fittings.
The compact street distribution station KEMPER TRESOR provides at the same time convenient water supply and power supply from one place.
KEMPER TRESOR cabinets are used in the private and commercial sectors and can be supplied in various configurations, for example: connection to the water supply and mains at 230 V / 400 V, which can be supplemented on the spot by connection to gas, telephone, antenna or sewer.

Advantages of Kemper non-freezing fittings

  • Protects the house and installation from frost damage by automatically emptying after each use
  • Hygienic: no water stagnation
  • High throughput: 40 liters per minute at a pressure of 0.1 MPa (1.0 bar)
  • All components that come into contact with water are made of bronze, so they can be used with drinking water
  • DVGW resolution and noise protection