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Vacuum cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners

The central vacuum cleaner is a system of complete removal of dirt, dust and microorganisms due to the removal of filtered air outside the building by a powerful device mounted in the basement or other non-residential premises. From the central block the branched system of tight pipelines connecting all sockets for connection of hoses in the house is mounted. After three stages of filtration, the air is removed outside the house, giving the opportunity to 100% clean the house and completely remove dangerous microorganisms.

Modern filters are able to hold 92 - 99% of dust, subject to timely and regular replacement. For example, the most effective HEPA filter needs to be replaced about 5 times a year. A significant disadvantage is the movement of air created by a standard portable vacuum cleaner, which raises dust during cleaning, after which the cleaning process is handled by another filter - the lungs. Dust consists of small microparticles, which include various products of human and animal life: hairs, fabric from furniture, parts from clothing and animal hair. One of the main components is the dead skin epithelium, which feeds on house dust mites - microorganisms themselves are not a threat, but the products of their activities - a strong allergen that can cause an asthma attack. Ticks can be found wherever there is dust and only complete removal will save the home from these "attractive pets.

The BVC BLACK-LINE engine protection filter consists of CORDURA® textile fiber, which protects the engine from even small dust particles. This greatly increases the service life of central vacuum cleaners. Due to the smooth outer surface of the fabric, dirt and dust do not adhere to it, but simply fall into the filter bag or container. With the highly efficient CORDURA® motor protection filter, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner without a filter bag!

The digital controller menu has five different functions that can be easily adjusted with two buttons. The display shows various options, depending on the selected menu:

  • suction power and engine temperature
  • Filter fill level
  • Check the system of pipes and sockets
  • pipeline clogging localization
  • error messages
  • Advantages of the central vacuum cleaner:

    • Filtered air outlet
    • Central vacuum cleaner does not raise dust, as no air is injected into the room
    • High device power
    • Low noise
    • You do not need to use much effort to move the device
    • Central vacuum cleaner protects your furniture and interior items
    • Easy to manage
    • Durability and reliability