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Presentation of the Aqua Plasma collector

Геліотермічна установка

Paradigma Aqua SolarSystem
Енергія за нульовим тарифом

AQUA PLASMA is a consistent improvement of developments in the field of solar energy, the most successful concept - solar Aqua Systems.

The use of new technologies provides new operating temperatures from 60 to 160 ° C, which allows the use of heliothermal aqua-installations in production processes, even under adverse conditions with a solar radiation power of 400 W/m.

The solar vacuum collector is presented by the Paradigma brand. Paradigma is the only manufacturer of solar thermal installations in the world that use water as a heat carrier.

More about Paradigma systems:

Water as a coolant
The solar thermal installation is not afraid of boiling and does not require utilization of excess heat. There are no additional heat exchangers. The collector works as an additional boiler.
Resistant to atmospheric influences
Vacuum tubes are made of boron-silicate glass, which can withstand the impact of hail weighing 10 grams.
Long service life
The use of high quality materials such as aluminum, borosilicate glass, stainless steel provide a long service life.
Does not freeze
Automation constantly monitors the temperature level and independently calculates the minimum required pump power and frequency of its inclusion to provide the collector and the external pipeline with thermal energy.
High productivity
High performance under adverse conditions, in cloudy skies, due to the parabolic mirror hub (CPC), which focuses sunlight on the entire surface of the absorber.
The anti-reflective coating of the vacuum tubes reduces the reflectivity and ensures better passage of sunlight through the glass surface.

Solar energy house® is a full-fledged ecological concept of energy supply of the house at the expense of thermal and electric energy coming from the sun. It combines the advantages of heliothermal and photovoltaic technologies. The possibility of application is not limited to the type or age of the building. Every homeowner can become completely independent, receiving heat and electricity from the sun.

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Environmental friendliness

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Productive work
25 years warranty for productive work
A case of hail damage
Permanent warranty in case of hail damage
 Case of freezing
Permanent warranty in case of freezing

everything revolves around the sun

If the energy supplied to our planet by the Sun in a year is converted into the same conventional fuel, this figure will be about 100 trillion tons. This is ten thousand times more than we need. It is estimated that 6 trillion tons of various hydrocarbons are stored on the ground. If so, the energy contained in them, the Sun gives to the planet in just three weeks. And its reserves are so large that it will be able to glow just as brightly for another 5 billion years.


the most powerful source of energy

For every 1 m2 of the earth's atmosphere, 1300 watts of solar energy is supplied. The intensity of solar radiation depends on several factors, primarily on the latitude of the area. It is largest at the equator (up to 2300 kW / m2 per year), and at the latitude of Ukraine is about 1000 kW / m2 per year. The estimation of solar energy potential includes data on the average distribution of direct, scattered and total radiation.


energy independent house

A solar installation increases the cost of your home and reduces, or eliminates, your dependence on rising energy prices. By investing in the sun today, it will give you free energy tomorrow. Is the price of energy rising? Great, the installation will pay off even faster and you do not need to think about where to get money to pay bills. How many things you buy are endowed with a great feature - to increase their efficiency in proportion to rising prices and inflation. An investment in the energy saving of a building (thermal insulation, renewable energy sources) is a real investment, an investment in the future. The choice is up to each of us.

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How we work
Achieve independence with the help of the sun

Using a solar installation, you will become independent of the constant rise in energy prices. After all, the sun heats up for free.


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