Design the future

Object: Greenhouse / Kiev region

Installed equipment:

  • Pelletstar Herz pellet boiler of 30 kW
  • The heating system is a thermoactive baseplate
  • System of technological pipelines Geberit Mapress
  • Water drainage system- HDPE Geberit
  • The greenhouse is heated by a Herz pellet boiler with a backup electric boiler. The heating system is equipped in the form of a thermoactive concrete base plate. For this purpose, plastic pipes were integrated into the concrete. Ceiling heating systems for plants are made of stainless steel pipes Geberit Mapress. Tray heating is a combination of stainless pipes Geberit Mapress and plastic pipes PEX-a Fränkische. Irrigation, water, and feed pipes made of stainless steel Geberit Mapress. All fastening systems from the company HILTI. Technological sewerage of the greenhouse and drainage are made of pipes HDPE Geberit with welded connection, which guarantees high reliability of the system when laying in soil and concrete.