Design the future

Object: private house / Kyiv

Installed equipment:

  • Geothermal heat pump (water / water) Eco Touch DS5029NC Waterkotte, power - 18 kW
  • The heat source for the heat pump is a water well
  • Eco Stock Waterkotte storage tank and capacitive water heater
  • Ventilation system with Fränkische heat recovery
  • The heat pump provides heating, hot water and cooling of the house.
    Backup heat generator - electric boiler. The heating / cooling system is based on warm / cold floors and walls. The house is cooled in passive mode - the well water is fed through an intermediate heat exchanger into the system, without turning on the compressor.
    The house is also equipped with a ventilation system with recuperation, which is based on a fan installation and polymer air ducts from Fränkische.
    Also, we performed work on the installation of water supply and sewerage systems.