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Оbject Administrative and production building / Chernivtsi region
Installed equipment:

  • A cascade air / water heat pump Waterkotte is used as a heat and cold source. Cascading and inverter technology allow the system to respond flexibly and with the highest efficiency to changes in heat demand.
  • To minimize transport and overhead costs, the heat pump module with heat pump was pre-assembled at our production site and then delivered to the installation site. Quick installation system from Meibesalso helped to reduce installation time. Energy efficient pumps Wilo provide low energy consumption.
  • To ensure high hygienic safety, hot water is prepared in flow mode using a cascade станцій компанії Paradigma.
  • Several solutions have been used for the heating system. The container compartment and the sorting line are heated by EFFI ceiling climate panels. Office space is heated and cooled by the "warm floor" system.
  • Automation system SmartComfort Eurotherm controls the temperature and humidity in the heating and cooling mode. Remote access allows you to control all elements of the system from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.
  • The ventilation system is equipped with three ventilators with heat recovery from Aerostar: 7700 m3 / h - vent machine for sorting department, 3800 v3 / h - container department та 1665 m3 / h for the office space.