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The Austrian company “HERZ Armaturen GmbH” was founded in 1896, is one of the largest European manufacturers of thermostatic and heating valves for heating systems. Product of Herz company is well known in more than 70 countries. Technical innovations, high quality, long experience and perfect design guarantee the highest level of HERZ heating valves. In the early 60s of the last century HERZ company has developed a quality system that has allowed a 5-year warranty during that time on all the products. This warranty applies today for all products that are listen in warranty liabilities.

In Vienna, two businessmen Franz Gebauer and Viktor Lehrnen founded Gebauer & Lehrnen Company, which was including 12 employees. By 1940, Gebauer & Lehrnen Company consisted of 300 workers who produced the highest quality fixture for gas, water, heating, as well as special products for well-known Austrian beer and vine industries. In 1960, the company’s product came out with HERZ logo and has a great success outside of Austria. Only in 1964, 800 000 valves for heating were exported. HERZ Energietechnik - is a company that for more than 30 years is working in the field of biomass heating, specializing in the production of heating pumps and high-tech and energy efficient boilers, which use wood pellets, wood chips and wood as fuel. April 23, 2010 in Pinkafeld (Austria), the second modern HERZ factory for the production of heat pumps and boilers was opened. Production is not only assembly shops; the main element of the factory is its technical laboratory, in which tests are being constantly performed, as well as new experiments, improvements, and work on new products. Pinkafeld factory is one of the few large-scale projects that was implemented in Europe during the global financial crisis, which undoubtedly demonstrates the relevance of biomass use in heating systems as of now and in the future.

«HERZ» Company manufactures the following products:

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