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bluMartin - Intelligent Ventilation System!

January 25, 2019

We are glad to inform you that now Sahara is the official representative and partner of the German ventilation system company «bluMartin».

History and basic principles

The history of bluMartin dates back to almost 30 years ago, when three German professional microclimate engineers Bernhard Martin, Elke Martin and Thomas Schally decided to establish a company that would provide ventilation systems with basic principles of technological experience, original idea and customer trust. To date, bluMartin is a team of experienced professionals specializing in up-to-date development, custom manufacturing, and distribution and support of their equipment worldwide.
Since April 2016, bluMartinGmbH has become part of the Swedish company SwegonGroup, which is a leader in the Scandinavian market in the field of energy efficient ventilation, air conditioning systems in buildings for various purposes.

The uniqueness of the freeAir 100

The freeAir 100 heat recovery ventilation system is a ventilation unit that can be installed in an external wall and can combine up to four additional rooms in one system. Thus, freeAir combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized systems. Compared to decentralized systems only, significantly fewer accessories and wall openings are required.
In total, 8 sensors continuously record air parameters such as CO2, humidity and temperature. Therefore, fresh air enters only the room and volume required. Such control of the ventilation system on request automatically ensures that the air in the house will always be of a high quality.
The heart of the ventilation unit is a highly efficient cross-flow recuperator. The heat recovery factor is over 90 percent, so the outside supply air draws in a considerable amount of energy from the air that is removed and stores heat inside your home. With efficient heat recovery technology, consumers can reduce their heating costs by 25 percent (and up to 50 percent in modern buildings).

The main advantages of controlling the ventilation system are:

  • The sensors constantly record CO2 content, temperature and humidity, based on these data, the installation automatically adjusts the amount of fresh air that residents need right now. A hot shower in the morning or a party with many guests in the evening - you have nothing to worry about.

  • The freeAir ventilation system uses temperature and relative humidity sensors to determine the absolute humidity inside and outside the building, allowing you to adjust the ventilation system to suit your existing needs, preventing excessive air exchange with dry air in winter, and preventing uncontrolled growth of humid air and humidity.

  • Due to regulated air exchange, the system operates with minimal power in the absence of residents. As a result, on the one hand, the energy consumption of the ventilation system is significantly reduced. On the other hand, heat losses through the ventilation system are minimized. Combined with highly efficient heat recovery technology, the freeAir 100 ventilation system meets the requirements of the Passive House Institute and has the highest A + rating according to the EU Ecodesign Directive.

  • With intelligent control, freeAir delivers air as much as it needs to. This technology leads to a reduction in the already minimal noise level of the ventilation system.

  • When operated on request, the value of the air exchange at the regular use in the residential part is reduced to 0.2 1 / h in the absence of residents, which leads to an increase in the life of filters to one year.

    freeAirplus is a great addition

    FreeAirplus intelligent flow fans - maximize efficiency and minimize cables. A newly developed solution featuring an intelligent active airflow device, freeAirplus is a great addition to the freeAir 100 ventilation unit.

    You can read more about bluMartin ventilation HERE