Design the future


As a leading manufacturer of pellet and wood fireplaces, today, Wodtke gives a new impulse/impetus to the development of heating systems based on pellets and wood, by introducing new exclusive and high-tech products. Product development, design, installation and testing, packaging and logistics – everything is being done exclusively in one place - Tübingen, Germany.

Wodtke Company was found in 1964 in the city of Tübingen, Germany. From the very beginning, when creating their products, the company was guided by the following principle: ecology, energy conservation, and the responsibility for the environment. New ideas, design and innovation decisions – is a characteristic of Wodtke products.

Wodtke was the first company to start producing pellet and wood fireplaces in Germany, and with its initiative the DIN certification for fuel pellets was conducted. In 1991, Wodtke created the first prototype of a pellet fireplace. In 1993, serial/mass production of pellet fireplaces air + has begun. Year of 1998 was a starting point of selling pellet fireplaces with the water circuit water +. In 2003, Wodtke became the firs company in Germany to receive a Blue Anger honor award for pellet fireplaces.

The reason for the honor award is an environmental friendly feature of the product, as well as the energy efficiency and low emission rates. Wodtke equipment provides the highest level of comfort for the customer and a full range of service from the manufacturer. Wodtke products have received a lot of international awards for its design and innovation. The design serves as a defining element of the brand. Wodtke does not only set design trends, but also creates a product, which is very valuable and worthy. To create aesthetics of Wodtke, the company uses the concept of expressed minimalism.

Innovation for Wodtke does not only mean a unique design, but also advanced technological solutions, that have never been used in the world before:

  • The use of outside air for the fireplace combustion;
  • Wood fireplaces with built-in heat exchanger;
  • The complex geometry of the combustion chamber for burning optimization and efficiency;
  • Thermoregulation Wodtke;
  • Pellet fireplaces with the possibility of remote management and many other solutions;

Outstanding design and exceptional materials emphasize the individuality of each Wodtke product: stainless steel, iron cast, ceramic, stone/rock and glass - a synonym for openness and transparency. Fire – one of four major elements, which has always fascinated people. Fire symbolizes life and also is a synonym of: power, passion, light, warmth, sensitivity, and temptation. All of this is reflected in the Wodtke products. Wodtke has always been and remains the market leader for fireplaces.