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Ecology and technology are underlying the developments of Paradigma Company. It may seem strange, but the launch of the Paradigma Company is connected with Ukraine. Chernobyl disaster has changed the modern world and caused many to wonder how cheap nuclear energy really is. For Alfred Ritter – it was a powerful motivation to make a transition to the alternative forms of energy.

1988 – Paradigma Energie und Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded;
1989 – Paradigma trademark was registered;
1992 – Beginning of the flat-plate collectors production;
1994 – The first combined buffer capacity with stratified accumulation was produced;
1996 – Paradigma Company began to manufacture vacuum collectors with reflector;

In 2000, a subsidiary company for the production of solar collectors “Ritter Solar” was established and the production of pellet boilers has begun. By expanding its production, in 2001, Ritter has established a joint venture in China – “Linuo Paradigma.”

2002 – company for the production of pellet boilers “RNO Kesselfabrik” was established;
2004 – entering the market of solar systems that are used as a heat carrier;
2006 – more than 10, 000 aqua systems were installed;
2010 – subsidiary company XL Solar was established, which specializes in the installation of solar aqua systems of a high power;

In 2011, holding company Ritter Gruppe was established. Today Ritter Gruppe – is 15 companies in the 9 countries of the world and 1,600 employees. In the year of 2011, holding company sales reached 1.9 million m2 of solar collectors (3.6% of the world market of heliothermal installations, and 28% of the European market).

Ritter Gruppe holding company includes the following famous brands:

  • Paradigma – the world’s only manufacturer of heliothermal installations, which are using water as a heat carrier. Just in Germany today there are over 55,000 of installed solar aqua systems. Under the brand name Paradigma, Ritter holding is also offering other high quality products and systemic solutions, such as: pellet and wood boilers, heat pumps, gas boilers;
  • Ritter Solar – the largest European manufacturer of solar collectors, which is also a supplier for many famous European thermo technical companies that are using Ritter heliosystems in their systemic solutions;
  • Ritter XL Solar – engaged in the development and practical implementation of powerful heliothermal installations projects with a collector’s total area of 30m2. The largest implemented project is located in the city of Wels (population of 58, 717), Austria. The total area of the collectors is 3,400 m2, that are providing the city with 1,300 GW/hour of thermal energy annually, by using only 6,5 MW/hour/year of electricity (0,5%);
  • Linou Paradigma (China) – since 2002, “Linou Paradigma” manufactures vacuum tubes not only for their own needs, but also provides it for the huge army of Chinese manufacturers;

Advocating for the ecologically responsible behavior and actions, the goal of Ritter Gruppe holding company is - 0.0t emissions of CO2.