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Combining Heat Pumps and Surface Systems

The increasing cost of traditional fuels (such as gas and coal) requires us to update our building heating systems. One of the most promising and innovative technologies is the integration of a heat pump with surface systems (floor, walls, ceiling). This technology not only helps achieve an optimal level of human comfort but also promotes energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions.

A heat pump - a source of both warmth and cold

A heat pump is a device that facilitates the transfer of thermal energy from a low-potential heat source (such as external air or the ground) to a higher-temperature heat sink. To operate, a heat pump requires the utilization of external energy sources, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, and others. Learn more about how heat pumps work .

Surface systems for even distribution of heat/cold

Surface systems for heating and cooling (floor, walls, ceilings) allow for the even distribution of heat or cold throughout the space, without creating drafts or excessive overheating. This approach not only creates a pleasant indoor microclimate but also helps reduce heating or cooling costs due to the lower temperature of the heat carrier supply.

Advantages of Combining a Heat Pump and Surface Systems

The combination of a heat pump and surface heating systems is a symbiosis with great potential. The heat pump serves as a reliable low-temperature source of heat (or cooling), ideally suited for surface systems. These systems, in turn, ensure the even distribution of heat (or cooling) throughout the space, providing an optimal microclimate, comfort, and efficiency.

Implemented Projects with Heat Pumps and Surface Systems

The integration of a heat pump and surface heating systems achieves the perfect balance between comfort, energy efficiency, and stability. This innovative solution allows for reduced heating costs and ensures coziness in any home or office. Our company has successfully completed numerous projects combining heat pumps and surface systems. It's worth noting that, in order to ensure reliable system operation, all thermal calculations and engineering network designs are individually tailored for each project before the start of installation.

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We Recommend Considering Hajster (Гайстер) Heat Pumps.

Hajster (Гайстер) heat pumps are the proprietary brand of the "Sakhara" company, crafted using the finest global components. The development and manufacturing of Hajster heat pumps are entirely based in Ukraine. These heat pumps don't require special dedicated spaces for installation, simplifying their setup in both new constructions and the renovation of existing buildings. The availability of a line of high-temperature Hajster heat pumps allows for their integration with existing heating systems.