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    House on solar energy
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    What is energy of the sun?
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    Future investment
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    Structure and functionality
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    Components for the solar energy house
Будинок на сонячній енергії

House on solar energy


Solar energy house® - is a complete ecological concept of the house energy saving due to thermal and electric energy coming from the sun. It combines the advantages of heliothermal and photovoltaic technology. Applicability is not limited to the type or age of the building. Every homeowner can become fully independent by receiving heat and electricity from the sun.

What is energy of the sun?

Heliothermal energy
– thermal energy of the sun. It comes in the form of direct sunlight and by means of highly efficient vacuum collectors with mirror concentrators heats the water of the heating system up to 90°C.

Photovoltaic – electrical energy of the sun. Direct sunlight is the basis for electricity generation. The conversion process is called photovoltaic. Usage of photo modules can ensure and fully cover all the electricity needs.

There is also another type of solar energy that can be observed in nature in the form of – photosynthesis.

Plants accumulate solar energy through a chemical process that contributes to their growth. Therefore wood becomes a solar energy battery.

By using wood or pellet fireplaces we can also heat the house by sun.

Future investment

Starting on 01/04/2013 (dd/mm/yy), the “Green tariff” takes effect for the public, under which the country/state/government is obligated to purchase green energy from the public by a higher price/tariff than the cost of  the electricity from traditional sources.

Structure and functionality

Components for the solar energy house

Vacuum collectors with a mirror concentrator of a Star azzurro and AQUA PLASMA series

Vacuum collectors convert the sunlight into thermal energy. Thanks to innovative technology they are capable to transform even the weakest solar rays into heat.

Combined tank – accumulator Aqua EXPRESSO

Combined tank Aqua EXPRESSO provides the house with hot water in the required quantity and stable temperature. In 2009, at the Inter Solar exhibition, it received an award as a “best innovative concept in heliothermal field”.

Photovoltaic module

Photovoltaic installation provides the house with an electric shock. During the day, the excess energy goes to the general/overall network, and at nighttime is being compensated from the same power supply/network. It is being done by two different counters at different rates/tariffs.

Wood or pellet fireplaces

Depending on the quality and technology of the thermal insulation of the building, it is possible to heath the house with just a single fireplace, which is equipped with a heat exchanger and operates as a complete boiler.

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