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Distribution collector SL

The SL collector is a modular distributor pre-assembled at the factory. Individual collector modules are made of reinforced polyamide and contain built-in thermal insulation chambers. Thanks to the innovative "Screw & Lock" system, the distributor is easy to assemble and resize directly on site, during installation. Due to its design features, it is ideal for heating and cooling.


The collector delivery set includes: micrometric flow controller for each circuit; flow meter for each circuit; end terminal, which includes - drain valve, manual ventilator and thermometer; identification plates, brackets for mounting the collector to the wall or in a cabinet.
The collector has the possibility of reversible connection on the right or left side. Also, each individual circuit module can be oriented up or down. The distributor is equipped with valves for installation of electrothermal heads on each contour and flowmeters.
The SL collector comes with special marking clips that make it easier to identify the room to which the circuits are connected, thus simplifying and facilitating setup and maintenance.

Modularity and adaptability
The innovative "Screw & Lock" system allows you to quickly and safely assemble the SL collector, without the use of special tools. The winding of each individual module is provided with two sealing rings, which guarantees perfect tightness. After winding, simply pressing on the clamps located on the bottom and top of the modules, you can firmly fix all the individual parts of the collector housing. The "Screw & Lock" system allows you to easily flip on the spot or add or subtract one or more modules

Розподільчий колектор SL

Collector thermal insulation
The collector SL contains an air chamber that thermally insulates each module. This avoids unnecessary heat loss during operation in heating mode and avoids condensation problems in summer when the surface system is operating in cooling mode. Thanks to a specially designed shell, the insulation does not cover the collector body, but extends to the valves and pipe connections.

Розподільчий колектор SL

AFC technology for SL collectors
The SL collector is the only one of its kind, equipped with innovative AFC technology. AFC is an innovative valve insert for automatic volume flow control. After setting the desired value, the valve ensures not to exceed the planned flow. This technology can be used in complex systems or in existing buildings, where accurate system data is often lacking and the use of traditional valves may be inefficient.

Розподільчий колектор SL