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Underfloor heating and cooling

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 Underfloor heating and cooling

Eurotherm offers a wide range of thermal insulation systems and all the necessary components for underfloor heating / cooling systems. Eurotherm insulation boards are able to provide efficient solutions for objects of any complexity and purpose.

Euroflex TF thermal insulation panel

The floor heating / cooling system is based on a pre-formed polystyrene sheet, protected from above by a waterproof PS cladding. The process of thermoforming a polymer shell, 0.8 mm or 0.6 mm thick, on a pre-formed EPS panel makes the Euroflex TF extremely resistant to deformations that can occur on the construction site during installation of the system.
The system is available in 4 different thicknesses, which can be selected based on the installation condition. Depending on the need, you can use a pipe ø15 ÷ 18. Insulation plates are equipped with connecting locks that prevent the formation of thermal bridges.
The pipe clamp was designed to maximize the contact area of ​​the pipe with the screed, increase the power of the system and allow fixing the pipe without the use of mounting brackets. The Euroflex TF system provides fast and easy laying of pipes.

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Europlus-Flex thermal insulation panel

Europlus-flex is a heat-insulating panel made of expanded polystyrene and protected by a multilayer aluminized shell. Pipes with an external diameter from 16 mm to 17 mm are used for arrangement of floor heating. Europlus-flex panels are available in rolls 20/30 mm thick or in sheets 45 mm thick; the upper aluminum shell protrudes by ~ 20 mm to seal the joints between the plates during installation. The self-adhesive valve provides the maximum speed of arrangement of an insulating surface. To fasten the pipe to the panel, special brackets are used, which can be mounted with a tacker. The Europlus-flex underfloor heating and cooling system guarantees excellent energy performance, ensures maximum system performance and provides good thermal insulation.

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Europlus-Ten thermal insulation panel

Europlus-ten is a floor heating / cooling system based on 10 mm thick thermal insulation panels. The insulating panel is made of expanded polystyrene covered with an aluminized multilayer shell. The patented system of fastening brackets allows to fix reliably a pipe on a surface of thermal insulation.

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Thanks to the self-adhesive base of Europlus-ten thermal insulation panels, they can be securely laid on the floor, or made to fit perfectly with other types of basic insulation, such as EPS, XPS or fiberglass. Depending on the heat demand, a pipe with an outer diameter of 12 mm to 16 mm can be used.
The system of panels is supplemented by a double damping tape of 80 mm from polyethylene with the closed cell and a self-adhesive basis.